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List Interpolation

The List interpolation can be interpolated in the placeholder using an array defined in JavaScript.

As an example, the following locale messages resource:

// src/locales/en-US.ts
export default {
  hello: '{0} world',

It is defined en-US locale with { hello: '{0} world' }.

List interpolation allows you to specify array defined in JavaScript. In the locale message above, you can be localized by giving the 0 index item of the array defined by JavaScript as a parameter to the translation function.

The following is an example of the use of $f in a template:

<script lang="ts" setup>
import { useLocale } from 'vue-localer';

const locale = useLocale();

  <div>{{ $f(locale.hello, ['hello']) }}</div>

The first argument is locale.hello as the locale messages key, and the second argument is an array that have 'hello' item as a parameter to $f.

As result the below:

<div>hello world</div>

Released under the MIT License.